External Legal Department

We are attorneys that avoid professional snobbery – we work on equal terms with our clients and develop a broad understanding of the business model and all relevant legal bases.

We act like your legal department. Fast communication on short paths, understanding of internal processes and growing structures – as little “legal” as possible – completely solution-oriented and cost-conscious. When it comes to legal issues, we are your reliable interface in external communication.

Legal tasks in the corporate world are increasingly complex and in special cases, it is necessary to work with highly specialized attorneys and consultants. We have a wide network of excellent colleagues, who are specialized in their concrete field, such as e.g. in specific areas of administrative law or international jurisdictions – the most efficient way to deal with highly complex legal questions quickly and at optimized costs.

For all of our clients we are, of course, also professionally available in legal matters in the private sector. We are your lawyers.

Advising and Proactive Lawyers

Professional Team for your Claim Management

Experienced litigation Lawyers

Tax advice
May 24, 2017
Tax advice
Legal advice
May 24, 2017
Legal advice


  • “Our aim is to work out and implement the legally and economically optimal solution for our clients in every situation.

     Ensuring permanently high quality in our service is our greatest incentive. Our strength is also to develop innovative and creative ideas and, if necessary, to develop extraordinary solutions. If necessary, we also implement our solutions directly in the company.”

    Highest Quality Consulting
  • “All CORPORATE PARTNER have only one goal: to make our clients more successful.

    This is the aim of all our actions. We are committed to ourselves and to the benefit of our clients, and only when our clients are satisfied with our performance we are, too.

    The correct and swift implementation of the legal advice is self-evident. However, our service in advising companies and entrepreneurs goes further: it is necessary to reconcile the company strategy and the impact of decisions based on legal scrutiny..

    In particular, the resulting risks of avoidable costs must always be made transparent to the client. Because we are only there to drive our clients forward.”

    Completely focussed on Client´s Benefit
  • “Success is rarely the result of the action of a single person.

    The co-operation between our consultants, our clients, our assistants and other stakeholders from our network is of central importance for reaching the optimum.

    Each individual participant is important to us and a respectful and friendly approach is as natural as it is basic.”

    Successful Teamwork