The international working world is increasingly interconnected and also Germany is competing for the best companies and the most talented employees.

Successful business ideas and academic excellence are independent of national boundaries – markets are created in the core of the interplay between supply and demand, only secondary due to geographic and political constraints.

The international exchange of companies, entrepreneurs and highly qualified persons is increasing – this causes considerable legal, but above all practical and practical challenges. This finding is still true within the framework of the free movement of employment and the setting up of business in the European Union, but this is even more relevant beyond the Community law.

Our consultants are specialized in answering the questions arising in the field of international business immigration to Germany. The basis for the consultation is the familiarity with the applicable legal norms and the practical knowledge to use them optimally in the sense of our mandates. The core of the advisory service is, in particular, the support of our clients with knowledge of cultural and regional peculiarities in the successful establishment of a company or the workforce in the Field of highly qualified employment.

We have extensive experience with the establishment of companies and the scaling of business processes in growth and restructuring phases. In particular, we have a relevant network in Germany, with the main focus in the capital Berlin, which covers the areas of politics, administration and science.

We advise foreign workers with academic training in job hunting in Germany
We advise founders on the start of an independent activity
We advise employers on recruitment of foreign employees
We advise on setting up the necessary infrastructure for the project – renting of office space, acquisition of company premises and Necessary business equipment
We support in discussions with banks, financiers and potential cooperation partners

With our Business Immigration Service, we complement our legal and tax advisory services – we thus combine all the necessary competencies for our international clients for a successful business start in Germany and can provide comprehensive consulting services with our team.